Propr.: Heike Maßera
 Sole Proprietorship

 Hedwig-Woermann-Weg 19, 18055 Rostock

Cut back and adjustment of switch blades
Work on point slocking
Deburring and reinstatement work

 Tel. (0381) 69 48 89       Fax (0381) 63 72 681       Handy 0172 / 38 64 085
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Company Profile

The date of foundation of the company Weichenservice Maßera is February, 15, 2002.

A track- and underground constructing engineer, occupational services, and track master-builder as well as skilled switch metalworker are part of our team, respectively.

We consider it our responsibility to preserve the systems cost-efficiently by a goal oriented service and maintenance.

Our main field of activity is the diminutive maintenance of the point checking system, respectively switch openings, in order to guarantee a secure maintenance of the system. This includes making two rails into one, lining, doweling, deburring, setting up the switch openings and adjusting the switchblades (mechanically or by flame). The substitution of bulks and sleepers as well as the complete replacement of tracks and switches forms a part of our offer, too.

Portrait Heike Massera

We are the only company in Germany to offer the so called back cut of switchblades using a new method within short train breaks. With the help of this technique it is possible to extremely prolong the durability of broken and worn switchblades.

We are able to verify even a doubled exposure time. We would like to support your corporation in the small inspection of tracks and switches with all measurements required by BOA, too.

We would be pleased to assist you in realising the upcoming duties.
If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sincere regards,


Heike Maßera

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